Bala Larson

We have a 15 year old cat and taking her to the vet is an ordeal for all of us. Even though the vet is only 15 minutes away, she gets stressed in the car and we are stressed hearing her meow frantically the entire car ride. So I was very happy to learn that my coworker was using a vet that came to her house instead. We contacted Dr. Bolivar to have him come to out house to examine Princess and have her teeth cleaned. Turns out that she needed more than just a simple teeth cleaning. She had to have some of her teeth extracted and it would have been very traumatic for us to have to take her to the vet to have the procedure done. We are very happy to have found Dr. Bolivar and will use him for our kitty's future care.


Christine Eveland

I've had Spike for 16 years and prior meeting Dr. Bolivar, the thing we dreaded the most was going to the vet, in fact the last time I took him to one he bit the vet! Living in SF compounds the problem because for many years I didn't have a car. So in addition to stressing out my cat and taking time off to go to a vet office, I had to pay for a taxi to get us there and back. Spike knew that carrier meant VET and he was none too happy to get into it. Now, I can meet Dr. Bolivar at my house which means I can work remotely and not take time off and Spike doesn't have to go through all the stress of unfamiliar sounds and smells at the vet clinic so he's calm and relaxed. The other added benefit is that Dr. Bolivar gets to see Spike's environment. Once he got so sick he was throwing up bile and I couldn't figure out why. Dr. Bolivar did a little walk around my house and found a house plant that Spike had been chewing on. So he figured out very quickly why Spike was so sick and exactly how to treat him. That would not have happened if I had take Spike to a vet.

Andrea Shippy

I am over the moon to have found Dr. Bolivar, Vet on Wheels. He has been so gracious and kind and knowledgeable with all our animals. Buster is 5 now and I have taken him to many vets throughout San Francisco, but none of them have been as wonderful as Dr. Bolivar. It is vastly more comfortable to wait in your own home than to wait in a waiting room with scared, stressed and possibly contagious other pets. Buster thinks Dr. Bolivar is a friend coming to visit when he comes over. Dr. Bolivar seems to have an innate sense of what Buster needs and he is very gentle and comforting with him for even the most invasive procedures. He never ever upsells unnecessary drugs or medications and is respectful of all my questions. Any experience with Dr. Bolivar is head and shoulders above all the other veterinarians we have ever seen. I know that Buster is in the very best hands with Dr. Bolivar and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I recommend him most highly to all the pet lovers I know.